001 Iroquois creed
002 cabin repl
003 beaver
004 canoe roof
005 Akwesasne kids
Antler Sagamore Great Camp, Raquette, 2000
Table and Mt. Fay, Fish and Game Club, Lewis, 2000
Heron and Trphy, Rod and Game Club, Saranac Lake, 2000
Raccoon, Rod and Gun Club, Saranac Lake, 2000
Heron on Mantel, Santanoni Great Camp, Newcomb, 1998
Cougar, Clasroom, Newcomb, 2001
Shooting Range, Rod and Gun Club, Dannemora, 1998
Log and Parking Lot, Keene, 2000
Birdhouse, Six Nations Museum, Onchiota, 1998
Bunny, Tailings Pile, Lyon Mountain, 1998
Flight Line, former Air Force Base, Plattsburgh, 1998
Wall Seam and Nails, Trudeau Sanatorium, Saranac Lake, 1999
Motel Sign, Keeseville, 2000
Leech and Insects, Camp, Summer Camp, Valcour, 1999
Luna Moth Coccoons in Pillowcases, nea Paul Smiths, 2001
McIntyre Blast Furnace, Tahawus, 1999
Roof and Erratic Boulder, St. Regis Falls, 2001
Tailings Pile, Tahawus, 1998
Window Louvers and Lake Champlain, Valcour, 2001