Self Portrait,Lewis Apartment, 1996
Mobile, Wilkinson House, 1996
Ray Torrey, 1992
Jesus and Spirit Guide Portraits, Bartlett House, 1996
Reading Room, Bartlett House, 1996
Spirit Painting of Leolyn Pettengill, Maplewood Hotel, 1996
Spirit Painting of Napolean, Maplewood Hotel, 1993
Pat Bartlet and Spirit Guide, 1992
Scarecrows, Community Garden, 1993
Portieres and Window Reflection, Maplewood Hotel, 1993
Labyrinth and Hand, 2006
Paper and Benches, Public Message Service, 1996
Robert Shatzel Holding Photograph of Baby Leprechaun, 1996
Robert Shatzel Holding Fraudulent Spirit Photographs, 1996
Robert Shatzel Holding UFO Photographs, 1996
Auditorium Seats, 1996
Laying-on-of-Hands Healing, 1996
Birdbath, 1996
Maplewood Hotel, 1996
Spiritualist Tenets, Attic, Former Schoolhouse, 1996
Chairs, Auditorium, 1993
Spirit Painting of Child, Maplewood Hotel, 1996
Spirit Painting of Lincoln, Maplewood Hotel, 1993
Kitty Osborn, 1993